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The most popular dance clubs are Livonija and Kurzeme, that are located in the city centre where it is easy to park the car or use services of the adjacent taxi parking lots. The clubs offer delicious and substantial meals. Prices are very low and many young peoples visit thiese clubs.

The main spheres of activity of the Agency:-implementation of the city marketing strategy;-study of the supply and demand structure of Ventspils as a place for business;-local and international publicity of the city and its economical and social partners;-standing up for the interests and needs of Ventspils and its economic and social partners in local and international institutions of the state and in the private sector.

In Ventspils several taxi firms run their business and provide quality services. Mercedes brand taxi mini-buses operate throughout the city, one ticket costs LVL 2 Passengers may request to get off it wherever they want. Taxi mini-buses operate intensely from 5 a.m. till midnight, but during holidays till half past one in the morning.

A popular student spot is the bar Cits Ostgals, where the jovial waiter offers also the special brand of Užava beer and garlic toasts. An intimate atmosphere is in the small bar Landora in the city centre. Recently a new bar was opened in the culture centre Jūras vārti (Sea gate) with live music performances.

Ventspils has seen tremendous changes in many spheres during the last ten years. With the completion of the renovation works the Old City, many parks and squares have regained their former beauty. The City Council has created favourable conditions for the renovation of private dwellings. Large sums of money are allotted each year to the maintenance of the city environment and to the upgrading of the living standard of the residents. Because also the Leasure and Hospitality spheres are highly developed.

The cafe Kika, located in the city centre, lures in all coffee and cake lovers. It is also a calm place for a private chat or just for spoiling your kids with some sweets. The café Kāpa, which is located in Pārventa, is an appropriate place for a refreshment together with friends

A popular museum in the city is the Open-air museum with its most remarkable exhibit - the functioning Little Train, especially beloved by Ventspils’ guests. In summers this is the place for various cultural events. School children and local writers often visit the Memorial Museum of the writer Herberts Dorbe. Ventspils Museum of History and Arts holds exhibitions of local and visiting Latvian and foreign artists.

For Latvia visitors now I think is very good time. Our inhabitants are very frendly and most part of them knows English. If tourists needs to find some place or to know about something, latvian will help them.

There are 14 different ethnic and cultural societies functioning in Ventspils. People of most different generations have engaged in very many amateur art GROUPS - choirs, dance groups, folklore groups, studios of handicrafts and even two orchestras. The residents and guests of Ventspils can study the history and culture of Ventspils and the vicinity by visiting different: the renovated Ventspils Livonian Order Castle, Ventspils Museum, Ventspils Maritime Open-Air Museum, and the Memorial Museum of the Writer Herbert Dorbe.

A lot has been done in Ventspils during the last years to develop a rich cultural life in the city. Different cultural activities of local and international significance regularly take place in the city. The regional Ventspils College has been created and the Old City, Ventspils Castle and other historical objects have been renovated.